"A classroom in your pocket"

Offering mass market upliftment education via mobile phone. Students can complete high school via their mobile phones anytime, anywhere!

Watch this short 5 minute video for a brief overview

Academic content is from grade 5 upwards to enable workplace advancement and or university entrance.

The academic content consists of


Students have the option to complete schooling up to a tertiary level and attain the American GED® high school diploma, with the optional SAT college entrance exam thereby opening the door to studying at university if required



English courses, consisting of 15 levels, for those that need to upgrade their level of English. We cater from those that speak no English up to a pre-tertiary level.



Emotional Intelligence & Critical Thinking courses (15 levels of each). Crucial “out of the box” thinking skills that improve workplace performance.

Students are able to access academic content via any Windows based pc or Android mobile phone or tablet. All training is online via the internet. This means students can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have access to reliable internet.

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Kids Using Tablet

Benefits of joining Cyber School Mobile:


Our years of expertise in online education ensures you only benefit from tried and tested systems



Our systems and academic content are continuously updated and improved, thereby ensuring you get the latest cutting edge offering, ensuring your place at the forefront of education designed for the next century



Our lean and flexible infrastructure make us more adaptable, innovative and agile than any of our competitors. Why look anywhere else?